What Does Mod Mean in Gaming?

What Does Mod Mean in Gaming

Modifications “mod” in short for “modification”–is the latest in-game content created by players in contrast to the original and genuine game developers or makers. Mods are mostly found on PC games, but now we have started to see that some mobile phone-oriented games also have MODs in them. The PC games also have but there … Read more

What Does GZ Mean in Gaming?

What Does GZ Mean in Gaming

If you have recently won a battle-oriented FPS game or any video game, and someone said or wrote GZ to you, and you are wondering what does this GZ mean and What does GZ means in Gaming then you are at the right place. Well, we really don’t cover such sort of topics in your … Read more

Can You Get Carpal Tunnel From Gaming?

Can You Get Carpal Tunnel From Gaming

Pro-level ​​gamers will tell you that esports can be difficult and painful. To keep your game playing strong, you need to know the three most common videogame injuries. And most such sort of injuries is caused by a conditional symptom called carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs in your wrist. So, let’s try to understand this. … Read more

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming

Mechanical keyboards have accumulated huge vogue in the last few years. But some gamers can’t explain the cost that mechanical keyboards can command. For those who are making use of a keyboard with a membrane, then you’re probably wondering whether or not they’re suitable for gaming. Here, The solution is quite easy. Membrane-oriented keyboards are … Read more

What Does ADS Mean in Gaming?

What Does ADS Mean in Gaming

People who don’t like gaming or other activities might believe that ADS is a reference to advertising or promotion that we encounter every day while using digital and social media. However, this isn’t the case; the acronym is capitalized and is widely used in the gaming industry. If you’ve been playing games for the past … Read more

Is 6 Cores CPU Enough for Gaming?

Is 6 Cores CPU Enough for Gaming (1)

The new gaming CPUs have at least four cores. Only the older, non-gaming CPUs have two or fewer cores. Quad-core CPUs are best for gaming at the moment, as they are most affordable and perform better than CPUs with more cores. In general six Cores are generally considered to be optimal for gaming in 2022. … Read more

How To Sit In A Gaming Chair?

How To Sit In A Gaming Chair

If you’re a gamer who is avid like a lot of people across the globe, it is likely that you are comfortable when playing your favorite video games. You can build a functional gaming space by using an armchair or bed, pillows, and your preferred gaming system, of course. If you’re looking to elevate your … Read more

How To Hold A Mouse For Gaming?

How To Hold A Mouse For Gaming

There are a variety of methods to use a mouse when gaming. You can hold it like an oversized mouse. You can hold it with your palm, and then grip it to slide it over. The above-told approach is the considerably effective method most people use. With the development of technology, we can now get … Read more

How Much Storage Should A Gaming PC Have?

How Much Storage Should A Gaming PC Have

Your ergonomic chair is positioned, Dorito in your mouth. Your headset is on and you are in the middle of an intense Call of Duty Modern Warfare mission. You are strategizing to beat your opponent But Suddenly, The game crashes. What could be more frustrating? Low storage can lead to frustrating experiences. It is possible … Read more