What Does RTS Stand For In Gaming?

Real time strategy

The term RTS stands for Real-time strategy which was coined by Brett Sperry in the year 1991 for the purpose of marketing a game of that time known as Dune II.   A real-time strategy (RTS) is a term used for strategy-oriented PC and online video games which do not consist of a simultaneous turn system, … Read more

What Does A Processor Do For Gaming?

What Does a Processor Do For Gaming

Gaming enthusiasts and new avid gamers in the market are quite concerned about buying the best processor for gaming and always remain in a competitive mood while choosing the processor or CPU for gaming purposes.  A CPU or a processor has a very crucial role in the overall terms of workability and performance of the … Read more

How Much SSD Do I Need For Gaming?

How Much SSD Do I Need For Gaming

You might be facing issues like application or Game lagging, stretched graphics, stuck graphics, or maybe software crashing when you are using them, at worst levels. Well, many of you might be wondering, whether to go for an HDD or an SSD for gaming purposes or for normal usage. If that’s the doubt surfing in … Read more

What is Backseat Gaming?

What is Backseat Gaming

Has it ever happened to you that you are driving your car and one of your friends sitting behind or with you, starts poking about your method of driving sense and skills Has it ever happened to you? Perhaps, they are not liking the way you drift off or maybe they find that you speed … Read more

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming?

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming

As the technological era is advancing and new gadgets are coming into the industry daily, there is a big change seen in the gaming industry as well. This advancement has led to the emergence of top-notch combat and real-world games, people are loving these types of games as they are competitive in nature and this … Read more

Is 500GB SSD Enough for Gaming?

Is 500GB SSD Enough for Gaming

For a more enjoyable gaming experience, naturally, extremely large SSD drives are the most ideal choice. But what is the ideal size for running high-end games with ease? Does 500GB of SSD suffice to play games or do you need it to be larger than 1TB, 2TB, or even larger? The simple answer is If … Read more

Is Intel Core i3 Good for Gaming?

Is Intel Core i3 Good for Gaming

This is the most frequently asked question by new budget-friendly gamers who want to play games but are not willing to spend more on high-end processors.  Intel’s Core i3 processors are entry-level CPUs that are not as potent as the high-end processor like the i5 and i7 11th generations but can easily suffice your need … Read more

How Long Does a Gaming PC Last?

How Long Does a Gaming PC Last

This question can have multiple answers if you are searching it on the internet, but in actuality, it totally depends on the usage and type of tasks executed by that particular Gaming PC. As there are different types of users, some like to continue doing some tweaking and upgrades in their systems while some like … Read more

What Does XD Mean in Gaming?

What Does XD Mean in Gaming

We are pretty sure that you might have somewhere heard or seen written the term “XD” on the internet, on social media, or in online games.  XD is an alphabetic style of laughing emoji- . It also stands for LOL, that is Laugh out loud. It’s a popular method of laughing out loud in chat … Read more