Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Set to Feature Open-World Planets, New Gameplay Details Revealed Ahead of Release

star wars jedi survivor

Respawn Entertainment has provided fans with a sneak preview of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, featuring several planets with open-world designs. The sequel to the successful Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows on, and anticipation is high for this sequel. Despite an extended delay of around six weeks, fans continue to receive updates about what can … Read more

How to Fix Computer Overheating Problems When Playing Games

Computer Overheating Problems When Playing Games

Why is my CPU overheating? Why is my Gaming PC overheating when playing games?  Are you facing these same problems? Well, here is your solution or answer for this overheating problem. First, we must understand why this happens. So our gaming setup has several components which can overheat and cause this Overheating problems while we … Read more

Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming?

Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming

This one is among the most hyped questions, and people are literally more concerned about it.  Does motherboard matter for gaming? Is quite similar to asking what sort of tires would be better for my car and how they will affect my driving pleasure. Well, the answer to this question will be made in reference … Read more

Does CPU Matter For Gaming?

Does CPU Matter For Gaming

The CPU can be described as an essential component of a gaming computer and performs a variety of tasks, such as feeding data into the graphic card and providing input to the user. Although these aren’t the only tasks that CPUs do but you can understand. What is the importance of the CPU in gaming? … Read more

What Does Mod Mean in Gaming?

What Does Mod Mean in Gaming

Modifications “mod” in short for “modification”–is the latest in-game content created by players in contrast to the original and genuine game developers or makers. Mods are mostly found on PC games, but now we have started to see that some mobile phone-oriented games also have MODs in them. The PC games also have but there … Read more

What Does GZ Mean in Gaming?

What Does GZ Mean in Gaming

If you have recently won a battle-oriented FPS game or any video game, and someone said or wrote GZ to you, and you are wondering what does this GZ mean and What does GZ means in Gaming then you are at the right place. Well, we really don’t cover such sort of topics in your … Read more

Can You Get Carpal Tunnel From Gaming?

Can You Get Carpal Tunnel From Gaming

Pro-level ​​gamers will tell you that esports can be difficult and painful. To keep your game playing strong, you need to know the three most common videogame injuries. And most such sort of injuries is caused by a conditional symptom called carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs in your wrist. So, let’s try to understand this. … Read more

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming

Mechanical keyboards have accumulated huge vogue in the last few years. But some gamers can’t explain the cost that mechanical keyboards can command. For those who are making use of a keyboard with a membrane, then you’re probably wondering whether or not they’re suitable for gaming. Here, The solution is quite easy. Membrane-oriented keyboards are … Read more

What Does ADS Mean in Gaming?

What Does ADS Mean in Gaming

People who don’t like gaming or other activities might believe that ADS is a reference to advertising or promotion that we encounter every day while using digital and social media. However, this isn’t the case; the acronym is capitalized and is widely used in the gaming industry. If you’ve been playing games for the past … Read more